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“Kate and her team have helped my business with several building projects over the past few years. Her input in finding solutions to some of the trickier requirements that council can throw at you, has been invaluable and has made the consenting and building process so much easier and assured.”

- Ross McPherson, RAM Builders

“Kate has a thorough knowledge of Council operations, procedures and policies and is able to pre-empt and resolve any possible issues before they arise. Planning reports are specific and detailed making it easier for the Council planners to fully understand the project and aiding in Resource Consent being granted.”

- Brendan Coghlan, Director, Coastal Properties Ltd

“Kate and the team at Paua Planning have made the planning aspects of our projects an absolute breeze, I’m always happy to refer my clients to them as I know they’ll get the best outcome possible.”

- Erik Nielsen, Director, CADViz Ltd